Phase Boundary?


This site is still under construction. I’ve had a few ideas that I would like to put into the public domain. They relate to music technology and chemical engineering. Perhaps I will find some overlap… I greatly appreciate the range of help and information I have found scattered across the internet, and can hopefully provide some information or inspiration in return!

Early aims are to:

  • Review all of my music gear
  • Document some modifications to my guitars
  • Analyse heat/mass transfer in some everyday systems
  • Develop some academic problems which aren’t covered by my studies

I’ve chosen wordpress, among other reasons, because of its elegant music player. The plan is to experiment a little with the review style, using a lot of sound clips. The downside is that I don’t currently have access to everything. There should be more pretty pictures and sound soon.

In the meantime have a merry Christmas!

it will take more time, so I can’t promise they’ll be up for a little while!

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